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We create standout Webflow Sites & UI/UX Design for entrepreneurs in growth mode

Hi, I'm Sebastian. From my own founder journey with Wunderlist and ottonova, I've learned the vital role of design for tech startups and makers. That inspired me to start Superfounder, where we focus on creating impactful Webflow sites and UI/UX designs to elevate your business.

Is your design ready to compete?
Florian Hassler


Sebastian helped us create a better, cleaner user experiences with less distraction

– Florian Haßler, Founder of FRYD

Alexander Sachs


"Sebastian is my go-to person if I need a website or UI/UX design

– Alexander Sachs, Founder of NFTfolio.io

My design driven companies have been featured in:
Techcrunch Article
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Don't Let Bad Design Sink Your Tech-Company.

A good idea or a working product that get’s the job done is not enough for your business to grow.

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You need design that:


Elevates your brand above the crowded tech landscape.


Engages visitors and converts them into loyal fans


Clearly communicates the unique value and vision of your startup.

Poor design is costing you growth, investor interest, and user trust!

Think about it – If both products below had the same features, which one would you choose?

SaaS SoftwareUgly SaaS Software

Here's the Good News:

It doesn't have to be this way. Drive conversions, build trust and outpace rivals with design that sets you apart.


Boost Conversions

Good UI can increase conversion rates by up to 200%, and good UX can double this — up to 400%
Source: Forrester Research


Attract Partners & Investors

Businesses embracing design generate 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns. Very attractive for potential partners and investors.
Source: Forrester Research


Elevate Your Brand

Effective visual identity design can increase customer trust and the perceived value of your products or services, which indirectly elevates your brand.
Source: CultMethod

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Drive User Trust & Retention

32% of people would stop interacting with the brand after one bad experience. We all know that design plays a huge part in the user experience.
Source: PWC

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Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

In a crowded to-do list market, our product, Wunderlist stood out. Why? Easy-to-use interface, distinct branding, and useful features. We weren't just another option; we were the better choice.

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Maximize ROI

Every dollar invested in UX brings 100 dollars in return, offering an incredible ROI.
Source: Forrester Research

Does your design help your business?


If you want to develop a user-friendly digital product and need a very good and experienced consultant, sparring partner or navigator, Sebastian is the best I can recommend

Markus Kleber
Markus Kleber
Founder, Leagues Football

Recent Work

A new home for music NFTs is here: Investing in hit songs made easy

Client: Getreel33

We proudly present our latest project for GetReel33, a pioneering platform in the music NFT space. Our challenge was to create a website that not only showcases GetReel33's innovative approach to music NFTs but also effectively engages and educates potential investors and music enthusiasts.

Getreel33 Webflow Site Design

A better NFT portfolio analysis tool to stay on top of you investments

Client: NFTFOLIO.io

NFTfolio is a cutting-edge platform offering comprehensive NFT portfolio analysis solutions. Our objective was to create a dynamic and informative website that caters to NFT investors, providing them with an intuitive tool to manage and understand their NFT assets effectively.

NFTfolio Webflow Website and Webapp

Re-Designing A Comprehensive Healthcare App

Client: Confidential

We are proud to showcase our expertise in UI/UX design through a transformative project for a leading healthcare provider. Our mission was to overhaul the existing patient app, modernizing and enhancing its functionality to meet the evolving needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare App Design

We Blend Startup Hustle with Design Muscle

We're not just designers – we're startup veterans who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the tech landscape.

Our expertise is laser-focused on tech startups and SaaS companies, ensuring that we're always ahead of industry trends and needs.

Sebastian Scheerer
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Other Agencies and Freelancers:

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Offer a broad range of services but lack depth in startup-specific design.

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Lack a proven process tailored for tech startups and SaaS companies.

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Struggle to articulate your startup's unique value proposition.


Use generic copy that may sound good but fails to convert.

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Prioritize acquiring new clients over ensuring the success of existing ones.

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Don't have the specialized knowledge to deeply understand your tech audience.

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Your Time as a Tech Startup Leader is The Most Important Resource!

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You can't afford to waste months on a redesign that doesn't deliver ROI.

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You can't afford to babysit an agency that doesn't "get it."

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You need a website and product design that not only appeals to users but also attracts and retains investors.

You Need Someone with Deep Knowledge in Startup Design: Superfounder

Want to work with us? See if we click!
Conversion Goal
Great Design
Emotional Design

You Are Probably Wondering:

Why Aren't Users Sticking Around on Our App?

Is it the design or something deeper?

Do We Blend into the Tech Crowd?

Is our design too generic to stand out?

Are Our Ads a Money Pit?

Could better design improve our advertising ROI?

Is Webflow the Right Choice for Us?

Will it meet our startup's scaling needs?

Is Our Website Repelling Investors?

Could a design overhaul make the difference?

Is Our Team Aligned on Our Brand?

Does everyone understand the design's role in our success?

Why Isn't Conversion Optimization Working?

Is the design not aligned with user expectations?

How SEO-Friendly Is Our Website?

Is the design helping or hindering our search rankings?

Does Our Messaging Fall Flat?

Are we failing to articulate our unique value proposition?

Why Do We Attract Low-Quality Leads?

Is our website's design or copy to blame?

Is Our App Design User-Friendly?

Are we losing users due to poor UX/UI?

Is Our Landing Page Optimized for Conversions?

Are design flaws causing drop-offs?

That’s Why We’re Here

We've Tailored Superfounder to Address Your Most Pressing Design Concerns. Here's How:


Understand Product & User Needs: We don't just design; we delve deep into your product and user behavior to create designs that resonate.


Turn Your Vision into Deserving Design: Your groundbreaking ideas shouldn't be hampered by mediocre design. We make sure they aren't.


Build Websites That Sell Your Vision: A website isn't just a digital brochure; it's a sales engine. We design yours to be just that.


Design Apps Users Can't Stop Using: Good app design isn't just about looks; it's about creating an experience users crave.


Craft High-Converting Landing Pages: Every element is optimized to turn visitors into customers, from compelling CTAs to intuitive layouts.

How We Work

A Streamlined Process for Tech Startups

First Meeting
We kick off with a deep dive into your startup's vision, ensuring our design strategy aligns with your business goals.
Second Meeting & Personalized Offer
Comprehensive research to understand your target audience and competitive landscape.
Business Deep Dive
A critical evaluation of your businesss to identify design gaps and opportunities for innovation.
Concept & Copy
Crafting compelling stories and visuals that resonate with your audience, irrespective of platform.
Creating designs that are not just visually stunning but also optimized for high conversions.
Implementation & Hand-off
Rigorous testing to ensure everything is working seamlessly, followed by a complete hand-off to you, the client.
Long-Term Partnership
Our commitment doesn't end at launch. We offer ongoing optimization and iteration on a retainer basis, ensuring your design assets consistently deliver peak performance.
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Design Client

Our ideal clients


Are committed to Growth: You understand that design alone can't fuel your startup's growth; it's a catalyst that amplifies your existing commitment to succeed.


Have the Dedication: Willing to commit the time and resources to ensure the design process is a success.


Solve a Meaningful Problem: You have a product or vision that addresses a real-world issue.


Invest in Design: Understand that a minimum engagement of €5,000 is an investment in your startup's future.

We're not a good fit if You:

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Seek Quick Fixes

We're not the agency for you if you're looking for a quick, superficial design overhaul.

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Have Tight Budget Constraints

If you're not prepared to invest in your product design or website, we're not the right match.

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Lack Commitment

If you're not fully committed to scaling your startup, we can't help you reach your full potential.

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Like To Dictate The Design

If you're looking to micromanage the design process and just need a tool operator, we're not a fit.

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The Best Things in Life Are Limited.

We work with a maximum of 3 clients each month to ensure you get the quality you deserve.

Why We Choose to
on the Few

We cap our client list to just three projects per month. This isn't a marketing gimmick; it's about ensuring that each project receives the meticulous attention and expertise it deserves.

Want to be one of those select few?