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UI / UX Design Service for SaaS & Tech-Startups

You have an amazing idea and the best plans to make it succeed? You have the energy and ideas to take off into the tech galaxy, but, sadly, you aren't an expert in UI / UX design just yet?

Or do you have an existing product and feel that you need some help to improve your UX or UI design?

We help SaaS companies improve their user experience by creating beautiful designs that work across multiple platforms.

Sebastian Scheerer is a designer and startup founder of Wunderlist and ottonova

From the co-founder and UI/UX designer of:

Sebastian Scheerer is a serial tech-founder and senior product designer. His startups Wunderlist and ottonova have raised more than 200m in capital from some of the worlds best known investors like Sequoia, Early-Bird and Atomico and others.

With a proven track record of delivering results for founders and startups, 11+ years expertise in UI design, user experience and product strategy.

His companies, have been featured in publications like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Business Insider, The Next Web, Mashable, Product Hunt.

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Mobile and desktop UI design

Mobile & Desktop Interface Design

We are experienced in creating entire interfaces for mobile and desktops apps alike. Whether you are looking for a complete redesign or just a few tweaks here and there, we got you covered.

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Visual UI Design Direction

Not sure how your product should look like? Want to have an appealing design but not sure how to get there? Let us show you what it could be and give your team the inspiration and a clear direction to follow for your visual design and design aesthetics.

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Visual design icons
Design strategy sketch

Product Strategy

Do you know what makes your product unique? Do you even know what your product needs to do for your target audience? If not, let us help you figure this out and come up with a winning strategy.

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Our UX / UI Toolbox includes

Usually a project will result in one or more of these deliverables.



A wireframe is a visual representation of your product without the cosmetics . It helps you understand the structure of your product and gives you a starting point for further development.


User Flows

User flows will walk you through all steps of a user journey. This way you can see where improvements can be made and get a better understanding of who your users are.



You want to test out your prototype before going live? No problem! We will build prototypes for you so you can test them out yourself.


Design System

Building apps at scale is challenging. A good design system will save you time and money by reducing rework. We will create one for you so you don’t have to worry about building your own.

Client testimonials

Take as many pixel-perfect UI elements as you want and style them the way you need in a fraction of the time.

Our app suffered from feature creep and therefore lacked a top notch user experience. Sebastian helped us a great deal in creating better, cleaner user experiences with less distraction. He also had a huge impact on the general look and feel of our app, which looks slicker and more professional than it did before.

Florian Hassler
Florian Haßler, Founder of FRYD

I was sceptical if Sebastian would understand the complexity of our app but was very impressed by his skills and vision. Not only is he an extraordinary designer, but also an awesome strategist who helped us figure out what's best for our product. Our users love the design. Highly recommended. I love working with Sebastian and he is now my goto person for everything Design and UX related.

Alexander Sachs
Alexander Sachs, Founder of NFTFOLIO.io

I consulted with Sebastian about creating a pitch deck for a preseed/seed round as well as continuous UX/UI sparring. The 360° view and implementation was very exceptional and very helpful. From a strategic flight level to practical details, Sebastian led us to quick iterations and results. If you want to develop a user-friendly digital product and need a very good and experienced consultant, sparring partner or navigator, Sebastian is the best I can recommend

Makrus Kleber
Markus Kleber, Founder of Leagues Football

Before working with Sebastian I wondered if my idea was good enough.He not only helped me to improve my app design and pitch deck a lot but also to grow my entrepreneurial and personal skills. It was great to have him as an experienced founder on my side. It makes a huge difference how you will present your product.

Vincent Orlandini
Vincent Orlandini, Venture Development Manager Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Do you want an UI / UX expert to help with your design?

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Our UX/UI Design Process

Software projects are hard to predict. Usually that means that the bills keep mounting and the goal post keeps moving. We don't bill hours. We don't believe that it makes sense. We agree on an outcome and make it happen. From start to finish. If it takes longer than expected? Don't worry, the price will stay the same

Frequently Asked Questions

Why UX Services Are Important?
Your user experience IS your product. It's literally what your customers experience when interacting with your company. You need to think about how they interact with your product and how that affects their overall experience. Having a great UX is more than checking a buzzword off your list, it's absolutely vital to the success of your product.
How can we use UI services to improve our product?
The user interface are the actual elements on the screen the user interacts with. So think about the UI as a subset of your UX. Having a polished user interface therefore will be an important part of how your user experience feels. Learn more about UI design here.
What is UX design?
UX Design is the process of designing a product or service to be used by people. It’s about understanding what users need, and then creating solutions that meet those needs. The goal of UX design is to create products that are easy to use and understand for everyone who interacts with them.
Why work with Superfounder for your UI/UX Design needs
We're not just an agency. We are actual founders and senior product designers of real world companies and products. We've built award winning apps. We've iterated product experiences across multiple platforms. We know what it takes.
Which one would be better? Hiring an internal design department or looking for a UX/UI company?
The answer is: It depends. See assembling a great team of designers isn't easy. And it's not cheap either. If you know what you're doing and have the funds, go for it. But if you need to get results quickly and don't have a generous payroll budget, hiring a design agency can be the better option.
Have more questions?
If you're not sure, let's talk and we can help you figure out what your needs are. Book your free consultation now.

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