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Sebastian Scheerer is a designer and startup founder of Wunderlist and ottonova

Hi! I'm Sebastian, my companies Wunderlist & ottonova have been featured on:


What other founders think.

I love working with other highly committed founders and startups on things like strategy, product and design. Here's what they think.

Our app suffered from feature creep and therefore lacked a top notch user experience. Sebastian helped us a great deal in creating better, cleaner user experiences with less distraction. He also had a huge impact on the general look and feel of our app, which looks slicker and more professional than it did before.

Florian Haßler
Co-Founder at Fryd
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"Before working with Sebastian I wondered if my idea was good enough.He not only helped me to improve my app design and pitch deck a lot but also to grow my entrepreneurial and personal skills. It was great to have him as an experienced founder on my side. It makes a huge difference how you will present your product."

Vincent Orlandini
Venture Development Manager Lufthansa Innovation Hub
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"I was sceptical if Sebastian would understand the complexity of our app but was very impressed by his skills and vision. Not only is he an extraordinary designer, but also an awesome strategist. Our users love the design. Highly recommended. I love working with Sebastian and he is now my goto person for everything Design and UX related."

Alexander Sachs
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Business Tools

Our favorite tools

We love tools that help us achieve our goals. Here are some of our favorites to help you start and grow your business.


Get ready to say "so long" to scattered work and "hello" to productivity with Airtable! This all-in-one no-code database platform brings your data, workflows, and teams together in one place.



Baremetrics is an all-in-one subscription analytics tool, designed to help subscription businesses and SaaS companies gain insights, track growth trends, and reduce revenue churn.


Hello Bonsai

Your one-stop-shop for freelancers! Streamline projects, clients, invoicing, and more, so you can focus on doing what you love.


Jasper - AI Copywriter

If you're a business looking to create content fast, is a great choice. It's a popular platform powered by AI that offers loads of features for copywriting, and big companies like Dell and Salesforce are big fans.



Mixo is an AI-powered website builder that generates professional websites in minutes without any coding required. Simply describe your business or idea in text and Mixo will automatically create the full website for you.

Sebastian Scheerer is a designer and startup founder of Wunderlist and ottonova

Hi there :)

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My name is Sebastian and I'm a startup founder and designer. I've created to help other aspiring entrepreneurs like you with what I learned in the past 10+ years of startup life.

Questions? Shoot me an email!

I'm a co-founder of:

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